Where To Buy Used Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are primarily used for shipping cargos from one place to another via road, rail or sea routes. Nowadays, there is a new trend of making homes and houses out of containers. Most of the contractors buy used containers for this purpose because they are as strong and sturdy as new ones and they cost lesser than new ones.

Container homes are ideal for certain unique purposes that are temporary in nature. They are widely used for making beach houses, tree houses, garages, garden huts, and mobile stores and so on. Different types of used shipping containers are used for all these construction styles. In the below paragraph, we will discuss some facts about the used containers and how to find them.

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Choosing the right type of containers

Containers come in different dimensions, but there are certain standardized sizes for all these containers. Depending on your need, you can select the right type of containers required. When you are making a home, you might need more than one container to make bigger rooms or to add additional rooms.

Once you have a basic layout of your home, you can get a rough idea about how many containers you would require. The smaller containers are about 10 feet and they are rarely used for building homes. You have to look for the next bigger sizes available, that is, 20 feet and 40 feet containers.

These two are the standard sizes for shipping containers that are in high demand for construction purposes. Even in these standard sizes you have 2 variations depending on the height of the containers. Normal 20 and 40 feet containers have a height of 8 feet 6 inches, but there is something known as high cube containers that have a height of 9 feet 6 inches. So as per the layout of your home, make a list of the right kind of containers you need before approaching a supplier in the market.

Finding the right dealer

Once you have a clear idea of the types of containers required, you can look for a suitable supplier in your town. To begin with your search, browse online for shipping container suppliers or dealers in your town.

You would find few contact numbers and dealer names. Call them up and discuss the rates. You can also search for dealers located far off from your town. You can compare the rates offered by different dealers before finalizing on any particular deal.

Experienced dealers would have good knowledge about shipping container types, uses, prices and insulation methods. So speak with different dealers and inquire as much as possible. You can also try for online shopping.

There are many online sites that offer used containers at discounted rates. Once you decide to buy, the dealer would make arrangements for shipping the containers to your location. You should opt for a dealer that provides low shipping charges.

Check the containers before buying

If you feel that you have come across a good dealer, arrange a direct visit to his warehouse and inspect the containers directly. This is very important to make sure that the containers are in good condition. There are containers that have been used for several years and they might have undergone some superficial damages. Avoid such containers.

If possible, try to buy one-trip containers rather than fully used ones. One-trip containers are new containers that are used for shipping cargo but only once. After they are successfully shipped to the destination port, these containers are sold at a good price. You can also get an attractive discount on such containers. So when you are speaking with dealers, make sure to inquire about one-trip containers and their costs.

Size variations

When you are buying several containers in bulk, there is a possibility that the size of the containers may vary slightly even though the dimensions mentioned are the same. This can cause issues when you are building homes. So make sure that you check the measurement of the containers carefully before buying.

Likewise, it is always feasible to purchase all the containers from the same dealer rather than approaching different sellers. This would ensure that all the containers are of the same type and model and there would not be any kind of size variations. Moreover, for bulk purchases many dealers offer discounted prices. So you can also bargain for a heavy price reduction if you are buying everything you need from one place.

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