What Is A Container Home?

A container home is a house made of containers or boxes. This may sound like a toy house, but it is not. It is a real house where you stay with all comforts. Container homes are also known as shipping container houses because the containers used for building these homes are the ones that are basically constructed or used for shipping cargos from one place to another. They are heavy metallic boxes made of different types of steel.

They are sturdy and heavy, and just like cargos, they can be hauled from one place to another through road, rail or waterways. Container home is an ultra-new style of construction that was basically developed as a form of temporary residence. But now, the idea has flourished as one of the most feasible and eco-friendly mode of constructions.

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How does a container home look?

Your container home would appear the way you put it together. Basically, the structure of such homes is kind of modular. It means all the rooms would appear similar to each other and everything would be square or rectangular in shape. Simply put, a container home is nothing but a set of containers stacked together.

It could be a horizontal arrangement or a vertical type. Nonetheless, you can beautify your home by painting the containers using attractive colors. You can cut out steel portions out of the container walls and fix the areas with glass cuttings. The more you spend on your container homes, the more attractive it would look.

Advantages of building, container homes

A container home is made solely of shipping containers. You can save money on your construction as you do not need to invest in traditional construction materials like bricks, metal wires, wood or cement. Container homes can be built easily and in less time. If you need to build a house at a new place on an urgent basis, then container home is the best option.

You can put together a basic container home within a matter of days. All you need is an engineer, few welding workers and a contractor who can haul and arrange all the containers in a proper order. You can search for some basic reading materials for container homes for getting a general idea about this innovative construction style.

Maintenance of container homes

A container home does not require much maintenance. However, depending on the climatic conditions, you need to protect your home using certain external and internal maintenance techniques. Basically, if you are building your home on a windy or stormy region, it is better to select a place that has lots of trees.

Trees can reduce the force of the wind that hit your home. Similarly, if it is a rainy place, then you need to paint your container home using ceramic paints that can act both as a protection, as well as an insulating agent. You should also check for safe and well insulated electricity connections in and around the home. Since containers are conductors you should be careful about using high quality insulation techniques for all your electrical lines that supply power for various domestic appliances.

Insulation of container homes

Insulation is necessary for controlling the internal temperature of your container homes. Depending on the climatic condition of your region, you would need an appropriate type of insulation technique. For instance, if it is a high temperature region, you need to install proper air conditioning systems in your container rooms. On the other hand, if your home is located in a cold country, you need to insulate the rooms using spray-on foams or panel insulation techniques.

Spray-on insulations are very powerful and quite simple to handle on your own. However, they are comparatively expensive. You can also opt for blanket insulation, but you need to build a stud wall for fixing the blankets. There are insulation contractors that provide professional insulation services for all sorts of constructions. You can contact one of these services to get a clear view of various types of insulation methods and costs involved.

How to buy containers?

Nowadays, shipping containers are available through several dealers and construction contractors. New containers may be expensive, but you can also opt for used containers. You may search online for dealers or contact your nearby construction expert to get an idea about suppliers who can provide you with quality containers and building materials at cheap or feasible rates.

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