Top 5 Tiny Shipping Container Home Designs

A lot of people, nowadays, are embracing the idea of shipping container homes. The reasons for this fact are numerous, among them being their affordability, strength, and durability. Whether you are looking to build a permanent home or you just want some alternative housing, shipping container homes are an excellent choice.

Another point of interest is that shipping container homes have been trending over the past few years because of their popularity, innovative design, and modular structure.  The best thing about these shipping container homes is that they can be built from plan without any hassle.

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There are some such plans available on the market and also on the internet like the “Build Container Home” plan that can help you with all the tips, tricks, and steps necessary to build your dream house by yourself.

With shipping container homes currently trending, architects have been experimenting with their designs, transforming them into what we now know. So, there is a variety of container home designs trending at present and below is a list of the top 5 tiny shipping container home designs to inspire you.

5 Best Tiny Shipping Container Home Designs:

Without wasting time, just check out these amazing tiny shipping container home designs that will blow you away with such competitive prices:

#1: All Terrain Cabin:

Ranking number one, this cabin deserves its position because it is truly a masterpiece.  The all terrain cabin is designed by a company called Bark Design Collective. This compact cabin is made from a 20ft single shipping container that was used to ship medical supplies worldwide from India.

The estimated cost of this cabin is just $38,000 with all its furnishing and fittings. This cabin also boasts a back deck that can open or close and is big enough to contain patio furniture.  Although tiny, this cabin can comfortably accommodate four people.

#2: Port-a-Bach:

As demand for cheap and affordable homes has increased, a New Zealand company, called Kiwi, has risen to meet this by constructing these tiny compact houses also made from a single 20ft container. These houses are easily transportable, because of their small size.

They are also used in New Zealand as permanent or mobile homes, and as vacation residences. A single container house made by Kiwi costs $55,000 and easily fits two adults and two children. Port-a-Bach homes include a back deck, bedroom, dressing room, kitchen and of course a bathroom.

#3: Nomad Living Guesthouse:

Another superb architectural innovation comes in the form of the Nomad Living guesthouse and is most definitely worth a view. This guesthouse uses a 40ft shipping container and is meant only for guests due to the fact that the cabin does not contain a kitchen.

It instead utilizes an open plan living and bedroom area. On top of these notable features, mighty trees provide shade for its beautifully decorated deck. Well, and truly a masterpiece by Arnold Aarssen.

#4: Container of Hope:

Probably the most famous “tiny” container home is the “Container of Hope”.  This compact house was made for the Peralta family in Costa Rica, who wanted to build an economically viable home outside of the city to harness the power of nature.

So, Benjamin Saxe, architect, created this amazing “Container of Hope” using two 40ft containers. The “Container of Hope” contains an elevated roof, living room and big glass window to give a better view of the surrounding nature.

#5: C192 Nomad:

This cabin was made in 2011 with two beds, living room and fully equipped kitchen along with a back deck.  The model C192 can be purchased at the cost of $59,500. The house is constructed from a 20ft shipping container fully insulated with soy to provide a comfortable temperature. Besides this, there is a full state permit along with a 30-gallon water heater, factory plans, aluminum clad doors, and bamboo finished floors and IKEA fixtures.

Well, with these amazing and mind blowing tiny shipping container home designs, who needs a traditional house when container homes can be so luxurious and cheap?

Our top pick for container home designs

If you're looking for the best container home designs, look no further!

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