Shipping Container Homes – Reasons for Living in a Shipping Container

Have you ever considered living in a shipping container? If not, then you could be missing out on a modern and fun trend.  Shipping containers do in fact make perfect places to live.  These houses are comfortable and house all the modern facilities of a traditional style home.

With technological advancements and progress in the “go green” scheme, the shipping container homes have become increasingly competitive.  Recently, these containers have become a trendier choice because they provide some benefits to their residents.

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Wondering about the reasons of living in shipping containers? Here below is a list to help you:

Living in a Shipping Container- Reasons that you need to know:

Shipping container homes can be the best homes for people who are struggling to get on the property ladder. The best part of these homes is that you can create them yourself using a few tips, techniques, and a container home plan. There are a number of container plans available on the market or on the internet like the “Build a Container Home” plan that can help you to create your own shipping container home, without any hassle. Besides this, there are other reasons for living in these homes. Let’s check out few to support my theory:

#1: Shipping Container Houses are Strong:

Well, it is a known fact that a house is a long-term investment and every homeowner needs his house to be strong and durable enough to last. So, this is one of the benefits that shipping container homes provide. As a matter of fact, the containers are made from steel, they can withstand harsh weather conditions and natural disasters, proving that living in such houses can be a safe choice.  The containers are also made from durable steel, made to carry very heavy loads, so they can resist any tough environmental conditions, without harming the owner’s investment.

#2: Shipping Container Homes are Economical to Build:

Another reason for living in shipping container homes is that they are really inexpensive to build. Although due to the rising trend of buying shipping containers, the prices have also increased, it is still certainly more economical to build a home from a shipping container than traditional materials. A typical container can be purchased at a price of 1500USD. So, no great expense, when you compare it to the price of more traditional forms of construction.

#3: Container Homes are Eco-Friendly:

Shipping container homes, as the name implies, are made from shipping containers that have been recycled and upcycled, definitely an environmentally friendly method of construction. And when it comes to upcycling, a single shipping container can save tons of kilograms of steel.  Setting up a few solar panels on the roof of the shipping container homes can also save energy, thus emerging very energy efficient. Besides this, you can also apply green roofing to your house that will aid in insulation and will keep heating and cooling costs down when the seasons change.

#4: Shipping Container Homes are Flexible and Modular:

Another reason for considering living in the shipping container is that they are flexible and modular, and can easily be transformed in the way you want. It is a known fact that the shipping containers are made with some specific dimensions and measurements that can be easily transformed into different structures.  The modular structures of the containers also make them easily stackable, assembling them into multi-story houses.

#5: Shipping Houses are Weather Proof and Durable:

The last but not least reason to live in a shipping container home is that they are weather proof and are very durable. The fact that they are made from rigid and strong materials makes them hard-wearing tougher climates.

So, a consideration of the above reasons for living in shipping containers might be helpful to you in making your decision whether to proceed. Although there may be some drawback to this style of home, we can see how many persuasive environmental and economic advantages they have too.

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