Shipping Container Home Cost – The Five Cheapest Shipping Container Homes Ever Built

With current souring house prices, home ownership, even for the middle classes, is now becoming increasingly difficult. In this economic climate, the shipping containers have come into their own, making it possible for a wider population to invest in the real estate market.  With the increase in costs connected to developing a new home too, the shipping container style houses are increasingly a good option in terms of value for money and modern design.

A shipping container home costs, on average, a third less than the cost of a traditional house, a very persuasive factor. Besides the economical sustainability of shipping containers homes, there are also a number of other benefits to owning these homes such as their durability, strength, and modular arrangement among others.  The principal advantage, however, must be their affordability, and if you still need convincing, here below is a list of some of the cheapest shipping container homes ever built.

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Five Breathtaking Homes created from Shipping Container Homes and their Costs:

As a matter of fact, a single shipping container only costs between $1800 and $5000, depending upon size and structure. And for a family of four, two containers are enough to create a cozy house.  Hence why shipping container homes can be such a cost-effective solution.  Here below for your interest, I have compiled a list of the five cheapest container homes, built by owners using some ideal container home plans like the “Build Container Home” plan.

Joseph Dupuis’ Container Home:

Perhaps you have already heard about Joseph Dupuis’s container home recently on the news.  What might surprise you to hear, though, is the cost of his home, which he built in Ottawa, Canada. Back in 2012, Dupuis was looking for a way to develop a house without wrecking his bank balance or racking up debt.

From shipping containers, he was able to construct a 335sqft home at the cost of only $20,000, kitting out his container home with solar panels and a wood stove to keep his house warm. You can check out the pictures of his luxurious yet cost efficient house on the internet.

Larry’s Shipping Container Cabin:

This shipping container cabin was built back in 2010 by Larry Wade for a mere $35,000. He wanted to build a cabin that would suit his holiday needs, but with the comforts of home.  He, therefore, started off buying two 40ft shipping containers that were welded together to form a house. His cabin is very attractive and definitely worth a look.

Steve’s Tin Can Cabin:

Here I have another reliable yet mind blowing shipping container home that was made by Steve back in 2009. This house is located in the beautiful countryside of Northern Wisconsin. He brought brand new containers from China to transform into a luxurious house. Inside the cabin, you will find a well-equipped kitchen, beautifully decorated lounge, dining area, and a bathroom. All this at the cost of just $36,000 including all the furnishings, fixtures, and fittings.

Container of Hope:

Costing only $40,000, the Container of Hope was designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe for the Peralta family. You can search for this “House of Hope” on Google.   Made from 40ft shipping containers, the home is fitted with large glass windows that provide a great view of the surrounding countryside.

Ireland’s First Shipping Container Home:

Ireland’s first shipping container home, coordinated by Carol Tallon, was completed in time for Christmas Carol Tallon2014. This home can accommodate more than five people and can provide them with all the mod cons of a traditional style house. The majority of the space houses a kitchen and living area but, this home also contains bedrooms and a bathroom.

There is also an outside deck for superb summer entertaining. The house cost a total of $60,000, perhaps a bit higher than other container homes, but still a lot less than an average house, especially considering it is fully furnished with solar panels and micro heat recovery units to maintain a comfortable and even temperature throughout.

Now, with these examples, you can estimate the cost of building your own shipping container home as an affordable housing solution.

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