Modular Container Homes: Reasons Why You Need to Consider Them

There is no debate when it comes to the changes we experience every day. For one, climate change is one of the most significant changes we have seen these past few years, which somehow changes how we live in general.

It influences our food and water consumption and even affects how houses are being built. No wonder, modular container homes have been born, and continue to multiply in a steady, sure pace.

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Despite being introduced since the late 1980’s, shipping container homes had only gained popularity just a few years ago. Because green products are all the rage now, people have made the switch to energy-saving appliances and environment-friendly items, including homes.

Because shipping containers are recyclable, they are better for the earth and the environment. Lesser wastes and carbon footprints, too, since you can turn these container homes into something else when you don’t want them anymore.

Modular container homes are also known for only needing simple construction, not the usual complex processes we have heard of when it comes to building houses. These homes are designed to save you on both time and costs.

Should you switch to modular container homes now? This might just answer your question.

What are modular container homes? 

  • Also called shipping container homes, these are shipping containers turned into cozy spaces you can call home. This gives them more mobility and flexibility as compared to standard houses we are used to living in.
  • The first ever container home was built way back 1987, but it was only until some decades ago when it has become such a huge hit. Because of climate change talks running around, people kept trying to look for ways to somehow help the earth recuperate. These homes seemed to be the best alternative.
  • Made from shipping containers, modular ones are designed in a way that would make them stand the test of time, including abuse brought about by calamities and disasters. These qualities make these containers appropriate for building houses.

Why should you consider having a modular container home? 

They are more cost-effective.

Modular container homes do not cost as much as a unit in a luxury condo, but will still give you the privacy you need in a home. Its cost is around the same as that of a mid-model house, but with probably more space.

Modular container homes can be customized to your content.

It is always great to have a home that speaks so much about us and our personality. If you think container homes have limited possibilities, think again.

Through the years, more and more companies have invested in improving these homes—making them more livable and even more pleasing to the eye.

These homes are environment-friendly.

Because this is the era of climate change, this is also the era of more conscious people trying to make the world a better place. If you ever wish to contribute to improving how we live, start with where you choose to live.

Modular container homes wouldn’t require logs and woods, and will mostly just use roofs and glasses if you wish to make it look cozier. At the end of the day, the container used can still be recycled.

Modular container homes are now turning mainstream.

Its popularity is spreading at such a steady pace that more and more containers are now being turned into homes. People will no longer think you’re out of your mind for having a shipping container be turned into your humble abode. It is quickly becoming a trend, what with the surging fame of all things said to be good for the environment.

Because they are pre-made

And the structure is already there when you purchase the container itself, building it is easier. If you wish to move to your new green home quickly, the container home is perfect for you. 

What sets modular container homes apart from other container homes?

  • This type is made from surplus shipping containers, but still, have higher quality than that of substandard materials. Its premium quality ensures you of longevity and durability, which could be considered rare nowadays. 
  • When you go for modular container homes under, you not only get to enjoy high-quality containers as houses but can also enjoy getting permits quicker and easier without too much fuss.
  • Modular container homes have modern designs that are sure to wow your guests and just about anyone who can see your house. These homes can be customized to your needs and preference, to make sure you’ll love what you get and know the value of what you pay for. 
  • These homes can even be added to your existing home for additional space as a bedroom, guest room, or just a personal space. Not limited to homes, these modular container homes can even be turned into workspaces and offices as well.

In this time when people find it hard to decide where to buy a home, it is wise to invest in something that would last for a long time, if not your whole lifetime. We usually have our lists of priorities as a set of criteria when choosing a house. These typically include accessibility to schools, amenities, and space.

Modular container homes can give those to you. You can put it up anywhere you wish, as long as the lot is yours, so you save costs and also save time usually spent on building the house and designing it.

These homes will even let you move in and expand it easily. They are stackable, which means you can add up the second floor when you want to.

If you have always been conscious of climate change and have wanted to help advocates in improving the environment, this could be your chance to do your part. Think of this move as hitting two big birds with one stone.

You will not only be able to help make the world a better place but also get to live in a house that is safe from storms and floods.

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