Expandable Container Homes: The Procedure, Pros, and Con of Building One

In the past few years, expandable container homes have become more famous amongst a wide range of homeowners. That is because it is almost impossible for the younger generation to build their future homes. That is owed to the sky-high prices of real estate along with the ever-increasing value of cement, mortar, and other such construction stuff. They have found that container homes gave them a budget-oriented alternative to their traditional counterparts. Such also gives them the luxury of building one section of the house at a time.

Since this kind of homes is most often made from shipping containers, all you’ve to do is just to select a suitable container as per the size of your family. Even if you need to expand this house in the future, you just have to purchase another container before attaching it to your already existing home.

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Expandable Container Homes: The Steps in Building One

When it comes to building a new expandable container home, one thing which you’ve to keep in mind is that creating this kind of house requires as much energy that of the traditional houses. It involves a number of different materials, cutting tools and most of all, a group of construction workers. If you aren’t an experienced builder, it is no less than an overwhelming task.

Step One: The Paperwork

For building a new container home, start by taking permission from the relevant construction authorities. It is imperative that you should complete your paperwork before purchasing a new set of container modules.

Step Two: Checking the Quality of the Containers

Visit the factory from where you intend to purchase the containers before inspecting all those materials by yourself. One mistake, which is common amongst a vast majority of homeowners, is that they tend to believe on the company’s word about the quality of their containers.

You should never make this mistake because there are very few containers which are quite as good as their company proclaims them to be. Apart from looking at the quality of your purchase, you should also inspect the size and the material of which these containers were made in the shipping yard.

Step Three: Hiring Professional Builders

This isn’t a secret that there are very few homeowners who know the ins and outs of building construction. You can always try your luck, for saving a few bucks, but if you want to make no compromise on the quality of your house, you should always hire professional people to do the job.

Those people are more than capable of bringing the required set of utilities to the construction site. They are aware of how to lay a strong foundation and what it takes to turn a straightforward-looking container into a precious home for a group of people.

At this point, you can also take help from an architect or structural engineer. This is due to the reason that regardless of the strength of the containers, they are always bound to get weakened after excessive drilling and other sets of modifications.

Step Four: The Final Inspection

Once the builder’s work is finished, thoroughly inspect your house. Look for a number of different things, including proper insulation, cooling, and heating systems and even the light fixtures. You can also hire a professional for this purpose who will inform you about the build-quality of your new container home.

Advantages of Container Homes

When it comes to the expandable container homes, they come handy in a number of different ways.


As mentioned earlier, container homes are a viable option for all those people who just don’t have the extra budget to build four or five sections at one time. Depending on your budget, you can always start with a single-bedroom house. Once your financial condition improves in the future, or even if your family grows, you can continually expand the container homes.

Especially for the young couples, the container homes are no less than a godsend. It gives them the option of building their own house without breaking their budget. When all such families are almost, always tight on their budget, the container homes make sure that they can build their dream homes in no time.


Such kind of homes also allows a newlywed couple to plan for the future. Since all such families are bound to grow, in terms of the number of people, in the next few years, they can also expand their houses without any hindrance. The container homes eventually protect them from purchasing a new home or even to shift from one place to another in order to accommodate a large-sized family.

Ease of Relocation

Apart from the aforementioned group of customers, the container homes are an equally viable option for all those families, including old age couples and even the young singles, who just don’t want to relocate to a new home after every few years. That is because in case they relocate, they can even have their container homes brought to the new location.

Fast Construction

Unlike regular houses, in which you’ve to deal with bricks and other such materials on a consistent basis, the process of building a new container home is relatively simple.

You just have to deal with a large, cube-shaped container which is a ready-made house in itself. There is no need to cut several materials for preparing the floor, walls and even the roof of your building as all of them come pre-attached in a container.

It means that you can build a new home, from the shipping containers, in a far lesser time and you can also expand it pretty easily as compared to that of the stick-built house.

Disadvantage of Container Homes

One problem, which is usually associated with the container homes is that it can be difficult at times to find a contractor with proven experience in this particular field of construction. There is no shortage of builders when it comes to building traditional houses, but as far as the container homes are concerned, you’ve to be extra careful in terms of finding an experienced contractor.

The Conclusion

It isn’t easy to expand an already existing house without spending a lot of money. When it comes to container homes, you can expand them pretty swiftly without even breaking your budget. Apart from the fact that they’re cheap to build, they also give you an eco-friendly option of building a new house.

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