Different Types Of Container Home Layout

Container homes can be easily constructed and they make a perfect form of temporary house that can be modified or shifted from one place to another without spending much. Container homes are made of shipping containers of different sizes.

You can join one or more containers by welding the borders. You can also build doors and windows by cutting out the steel surface and replacing them with glass panes. You can replace an entire side of the container with glass panels and decorate the interiors with sofas, curtains and cushions.

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You can join containers of different sizes to build a dream home of your choice. These containers basically come in 3 standard sizes. The smallest one is 10 feet in length, and bigger ones are about 20 feet and 40 feet. You can apply a few coats of some attractive paint and convert these boxes into perfect rooms that can be shifted or hauled whenever and wherever you need.

How to plan a container home layout?

A container home should be well planned because proper placements of the containers are quite important. These containers are very heavy and they are placed with the help of a forklift or a crane. So, you need to have a plan or layout prepared in advance so as to chalk out the exact spots where the containers need to be installed. You need to measure the land area where you plan to make the home.

Make a sketch of the land area and then proportionately divide the area into a rough layout comprising of number of rooms required. You should also calculate the space required for staircase, balcony, bathroom and hallways if you want to make a full-fledged home.

Once you make a rough sketch, measure the sizes of the containers you have purchased or discuss the same with the supplier. Take assistance of an engineer or a professional contractor and finalize your layout with perfect measures.

Container home layouts for two-storey constructions

As explained above, container homes are suitable for making temporary houses, but if you plan to make an extended stay for a few months or a year, then you can make a spacious home. You can plan to build a two-storey bungalow type house where you can feasibly make arrangements for luxurious furniture and all sorts of home equipments and appliances. For building a two-storey home, you need to make a detailed layout.

Take help of a professional contractor or hire an engineer to make a perfect plan. It is also a good idea to hire an architect that has a wide experience in building container homes. Consult local construction contractors and suppliers to know about the rate of construction as per the initial layout you have made. Reconsider the entire layout in such a way that the area of construction remains the same, but the location of doors and windows ensure proper air passage throughout the home. This is very essential if you wish to enjoy a comfortable stay over a long period of time.

Layout for mobile homes

Mobile container homes are very popular. They are multipurpose in nature and are used for various types of commercial and non-commercial purposes. For instance, mobile restaurants are nowadays quite popular in big towns and cities.

The layouts for mobile homes are very small but they need to be well planned. Mobile homes or mobile shops have to withstand long journeys so everything you build inside the container should be properly planned and tightly fixed into place. If it is a home, then beds, sofas, kitchen, sink and washbasin should be placed in such a manner that it doesn’t cause any kind of issue in the long run.

While finalizing the layout, make sure that you provided enough space for laying the drainage system and electricity connections. Check online to find samples of layouts that are perfect for compact and safe mobile homes. You can model your container home using same layouts. Check with your contractor to avoid any flaws.

Prepare a feasible layout

A feasible layout is something that can help you build container homes at the lowest possible cost. In any kind of construction system, layout is the most important part that can affect every aspect of the construction. For a container home, you need some basic foundation.

If you make a feasible layout, then you can have a strong housing structure that requires minimal foundation needs. Similarly, you should plan the windows and doors in such a way that your home poses minimum resistance against the flowing winds.

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