Container Home Ideas And Tips

Building a container home is simple and cost effective when compared to conventional houses. The theme is quite simple. Shipping containers replace the rooms and you have to invest some money in constructing the doors, windows and steps inside the rooms. If you are not familiar with this new type of construction system, it would be a good idea to consult an architect who is experienced in building special and attractive container homes.

An expert in the field can easily guide you through various technicalities involved in the entire process. He can help you in procuring good quality used containers and welding equipment that can ensure a strong and sturdy construction for the years to come.

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Container caravans

Caravans are quite useful for those who travel too far or too frequently. If you want the comfort of a home while caught in constant journeys, it is about time that you start thinking about a container caravan. Caravans are expensive, but you can save a lot if you opt for using a shipping container for building a customized caravan. You need to take the help of an expert engineer who can guide you in planning the basic structure.

You would also need assistance of an automobile expert who can help you in fixing the container and its interiors in such a way that it would not affect the functioning of the van. Container caravans are nowadays used for making mobile restaurants and stores.  If you have time and interest, you can surely figure out several innovative ideas with your container home.

Container summer house

If you plan to have a long and memorable vacation with your family, then here is a great idea you can use. Select a favorite spot for spending the holidays and build a small summer house where you can spend the days without any kind of disturbance. You need not spend thousands on hiring a hotel room or lodge for a short stay.

If you have a summer home of your own, you can revisit the place whenever you feel like it. You need to ship the containers and construction materials to the spot you have selected and build the home with the help of some experienced workers. You can do it yourself if you have done some basic research on the topic. However, if you plan to make a two-storey house, then you need to hire an experienced architect.

Single-room container home

A single-room container house is a popular concept, but most people make use of a single shipping container to make such homes. A 20ft or 40ft container is used for this purpose. But if you want a bigger and more spacious single-room home, then you can use two containers and combine them in such a way that it looks like a big hall. You have to cut off the sides of both the containers and weld them together.

You can use such a room as big as a garage or convert it to a gym or a dance class. The ideas are endless. You can also make it into a perfect home by arranging kitchen shelves and dining table at one end and putting your bed and cushions on the other.

Solar container system

If you want to do something brilliant for the environment, opt for a solar container system. You can build the container home and install solar panels on the rooftop. You can make it as extensive as you want. You can use the solar energy for all the lighting and insulation needs in your home. You can save thousands of dollars on electricity bill and also demonstrate a great example for the neighbors and friends.

Designing container homes

Whatever purpose you plan to achieve with your container home, you can always design it to your liking. You don’t have to do much to change the look of your container home. Primarily, select a great combination of paints, both for the exterior as well as the interior. Lighting is very important when you want to make big changes with minimal efforts.

Set the lights in such a way that it transforms the ambiance of the entire room. Make use of natural light during the daytime. Make arrangements for sunrays to filter inside through well-positioned openings. Make use of paintings to give a trendy appeal to the halls and bedrooms. Make use of high-quality curtains and cushion covers to give a touch of elegance.

Our top pick for container home designs

If you're looking for the best container home designs, look no further!

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