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If you are relocating to a new place and you are not ready to spend all your savings on building a new home, you can think about constructing a container home. Container homes are made of shipping containers that are welded together and attached to make multiple rooms and floors. You don’t need to spend on wood, bricks, metal wires and cement and wait for months to have your construction completed.

Apart from saving money, container homes are an eco-friendly mode of habitation. By avoiding conventional mode of construction you can avoid air pollution as well as water and wood wastage. Even when you are demolishing container homes it does not generate any hazardous wastes.

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How to plan your container home?

If you are attracted to the idea of building a container home, I would surely encourage you to take some time to learn about all the stuffs necessary for accomplishing the task with complete success. To begin with, you should take a look at some pictures of container homes. Search online and you can find hundreds of samples. Once you have an image of the kind of home you desire to make, fix a location or spot where you wish to build the house.

Check with the local authorities about the legal issues involved in undertaking such a unique type of construction. In several areas, building houses using steel containers is not allowed. So, you need to get a clearance first. After that, prepare a layout, hire a contractor and plan your budget.

Then you can begin with the construction. Make sure that you consider issues like insulation, climatic conditions, drainage system and waste management before finalizing the structure and layout of the home.

Finding quality containers

Do not rush on your plan if you are naive about the container home construction system. Take time to inquire about the availability of quality materials before finalizing any kind of deal with your contractor. Certain contractors take responsibility for bringing containers and other construction raw materials required.

But others ask you to haul everything on the site before starting the work. In both cases you need to ensure that the containers purchased are in good condition. You can certainly opt for used containers, but make sure that they are not worn out or damaged.

Shipping containers can corrode and develop dents after years of exposure to water and wind. Also avoid containers that have begun to rust. You can purchase containers online as well; however, it is always better to inspect the containers before finalizing the deal. You can find suppliers in and around your city if you inquire with construction agencies or search online for suppliers and dealers in your town.

Assembling and construction

Once you have everything prepared, you need to assemble everything at the construct site. In most cases, the supplier or the dealer who sells the containers would arrange for shipping them to your place. Make sure that the transporters you hire are experienced in the field. Apart from that you need some high quality welding materials, paints, metal frames and grills for completing the construction.

For windows you need some glass panels or fiberglass doors in addition to metal or wooden window frames. You need skilled welding workers for the entire job because proper welding is very essential if you are making multiple rooms by joining the containers. You should hire an experienced engineer for building your container home. However, if you are making a temporary house using two to three containers, then you can do it yourself.

Arranging the interiors

The interiors of a container home can be designed as per your requirement. You can make simple yet beautiful arrangements by using the right kind of lighting, paints, furniture and so on. You can design the floor using wooden planks or apply a carpet tile which is washable. You can also cover up the walls using wooden sheets or simply paint them using a high quality ceramic paint.

You can decorate the walls using paintings and indoor plants. Plan the windows and doors at the proper location. Search online for interior designs that would fit your home. Insulation is also an important factor that needs special attention. If you are living in a city where extreme climatic conditions are frequently changing the weather, then make arrangements for proper insulation to prevent issues like condensation and corrosion of containers.

Our top pick for container home designs

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