Container Home Exterior Finishes

Container home is one of the most innovative and eco-friendly style of construction. They are less expensive and easy to build and demolish. However, many people avoid such homes for residential purpose because they look too unattractive. Container homes are made by stacking shipping containers and cutting out doors and windows on them.

However, creative architects and designers have come up with several ideas to make such houses look more like homes and less like steel boxes. Container houses are built at different locations for different purposes. Whatever is your outlook about your container home, accordingly you can try to modify its exterior to match your surroundings and also satisfy your personal desires.

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Spanish finish

One of the best ways to beautify your container home from outside is to cover it up with an environment-friendly finish. Try out some of the best Spanish finishes available in the market. They can conceal the container-like look of your house and make it look like a cozy and comfortable home to live in. You can paint the exterior of the container home with a crimson ceramic paint. Cover up a portion of the exterior with polished wooden planks.

Apply a good deal of varnish or paint to prevent damage from climatic factors. Give some traditional finish to the windows and paint the frames with a brick-orange paint. Prepare a lawn with some beautiful shrubs, rose beds and bushy trees that can conceal sharp edges of the container. Add some stylish garden chairs made of wood. You can add on more ideas as you find them one by one.

Victorian finish

If you want to draw lots of attention to your container home, you need to try something unusual. You need a unique style that has a classic recognition. Giving a Victorian finish to your exterior is one of the examples I suggest. You need to select a theme color for the entire exterior. For instance, you can opt for a mild grey combined with blue borders. Paint the exteriors using a high quality paint and fix metallic or wooden panels across the borders and edges.

Select a suitable color for the borders that can make them look bold. Add small windows at several places. Make use of plain glass for the window panes and make the frames for the windows a bit broader than usual. Have the frames painted with an off white color and you are almost done. You would also need to fix some window flower boxes and have some great flower-bearing plants to grow in them.

Glossy steel finish

If you want a modern yet simple and stylish look, you can undoubtedly opt for a glossy steel finish for your container home exteriors. You can cover the outer surface of the containers with steel sheets as the ones used for commercial buildings. This would give a reflective and shiny surface, and will also save you the money on painting the containers.  You can combine this with glass surfaces. Opt for dark glasses that give an extremely slick finish.

For windows and balconies you can add some curtains made of organic materials like jute. This would add a fresh look to the entire attire. If you have a spacious premise, then develop a well-trimmed and open lawn. This would complete the glorious look you would want to achieve for your dream home.

Summer home styles

If you are planning to use your container home as a beach house or a vacation shelter, then you can give it a cozy and colorful summer-home look. In this case, you have many options to choose from. You can paint the exteriors with a deep purple or gentle green paint. Have some big windows with beautiful awnings. Cultivate some flowering summer plants over the window planter boxes. Also, plant some creepers to fall over the borders.

If possible, you can construct a false roof and cover it with attractive roofing shingles. This would add your basic expenditure, but it would definitely make the neighbors envy of you. Make sure to decorate the doorway and garden with lots of shrubs and flowering plants to make it a perfect summer home.

You can always try and modify your container home to suit the design of your dreams. However, you need to consider the location and weather factors before selecting a particular finish.

Our top pick for container home designs

If you're looking for the best container home designs, look no further!

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