Can You Build A Container Home Anywhere?

A container home is generally considered as a temporary residential arrangement that can be built and removed easily. However, modern architects have taken it a step further and have tried to portray it as a new style of home construction.

Nonetheless, innovations are always great, but if they are not done carefully, there can be a high price to pay. So if you are attracted to this innovative idea of building a shipping container home, then I would suggest you to invest some time in learning about the basics of this unique construction type.

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You can take help of an architect who has experience in building such homes or you can search online for more information. There are experienced architects or construction experts who would be happy to share their knowledge and tips for free.

Where can you build a container home?

In this short review, we will learn about some interesting facts about selecting a suitable location for building a container home. This is, of course, not a conclusive set of information on this topic, but only some useful tips that can definitely help if you are seriously planning to build a container home.

To quench your curiosity, I would like to make one thing clear – You cannot build the container home anywhere you like. You need to find a suitable piece of land or plot that can ensure complete safety and security.

You need to ensure structural safety of your construction as well as prevention from environmental factors like climate and natural calamities. You should also ensure that the location you select has received all the legal permits for residential construction using shipping containers. The use of steel for building homes is not allowed at several places.

Type of soil

As explained in the previous paragraph, you need an appropriate plot of land to build a durable and a livable shipping container home. While selecting the plot you need to check the type of soil. There are basically two types of soil that you can easily identify – hard soil and soft soil.

Hard soil makes a strong land type, whereas soft soil can be found where the surface land structure is basically weak. It is quite easy to identify the soil type. Hard soil will be quite hard to dig into and it contains less moisture. Soft soil can be easily ploughed out and they may be either dry-looking sand type or porous and wet.

You need to select a land with hard soil to build your container home. This is a safer and less expensive option. Hard soil acts as a good support for the containers and it requires very meager foundation. But if you select a soft-soiled land you would need to build a deep concrete foundation in order to ensure complete safety of your home container.

Avoid cyclone-prone places

If you are planning to build a temporary home for a few weeks or months, then location is not a big problem. However, if you are planning to build a home that needs to protect you for a year or more, then make sure to consider the climatic condition before selecting the construction site. There are many windy and cyclone-prone locations that may appear safe in general but seasonal or unexpected storms can wreak havoc in such places.

Shipping containers are made of steel and compared to conventional construction material they are light in weight. So an unexpected storm is the last thing you need. There are also certain countryside and farm-like regions that are prone to tornadoes.

Even such locations are very risky for building, container homes. However, if you still need to make a container home, even for a short period in such windy areas, then make sure that you build a deep foundation like a raft or pile.

Regional permits

Different localities fall under different civil jurisdictions. So, before finalizing the land you have selected to build your container home, inquire with the local authorities that govern the area about the legal issues involved in this type of construction.

If you need a special permit, they may request you to provide some structural layouts and details of your architectural plan. So make sure that you complete all the formalities and obtain the proper permits before starting with the constructing. There are several cases where container home owners were forced to demolish their beautiful shipping container homes only because they are not allowed to have such homes as per the land’s jurisdiction.

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