Build Your Own Shipping Container Home: Reasons Why You Need To

Looking back to how life was decades ago, it is easy to conclude that we are living at a faster pace than our parents did. Almost everything comes instant, or if not, way easier than how it has ever been before.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do something from scratch for a change? Why not build your own shipping container home?

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You might be asking why you have to build one when you can just purchase a house that is ready for you to move in. Sure, it is more comfortable just to buy a fully furnished home, but building one yourself makes it more special and also allows you to put your style and vibe into your humble abode.

Shipping container homes have been around for a long time, but have only enjoyed popularity these past few years. For the longest time, we were enamored by big houses, the traditional ones.

Eventually, people realize why it is essential to invest in homes that would surely stand the test of time, including the test of natural disasters and calamities. These are what shipping container homes are for.

Still confused? Let us enlighten you.

Why should you consider building your own shipping container home? 

The obvious—it will save you tons of money.

How much do you pay engineers and architects? Plus carpenters, plumbers, and electricians? Now, you should also not push yourself too much to be a one-man construction team. Don’t force yourself to do things you absolutely have no clue of.

Our point is that building your own shipping container home will save you from paying humongous fees for engineers and architects. The structure is a given, leaving your able hands to design and make it look exactly as you wish.

You get to follow what you want.

Because you will be working on it on your own, you can finally do it your way. Place the light where you want to, the table where you think it looks best, the fridge next to your bed.

The beauty of having the chance to build your own shipping container home is you can make it truly yours.

Have it painted your favorite color, use only the materials and furniture you believe in, and really pour your heart into it.

Modular container homes are here to stay.

Back then, people thought modular homes are temporary homes because of how they are built. Fast forward to today, more and more families prefer to have container homes over traditional houses because of how easy they are to build and maintain.

Adding to its long list of advantages is its ability to withstand the test of time. Shipping containers were made in such a way that would endure various types of nature abuse such as floods and storms. 

Construction is done more efficiently.

If you wish to be certain with everything about construction, getting help from professionals will go a long way. allows you to build your own home and somehow get assistance from their expert and experienced builders. That way, you get to collaborate your designs with people who can bring them to life.

Modular container homes are also designed for safety.

Studies show that shipping container homes are even safer than older, traditional houses. It is not as prone to collapsing during storms and floods, and will highly likely be an evacuation space for your family and friends.

These shipping containers were made to handle and store fragile and essential packages, which is also probably why they were later on designed as houses. 

Despite their skyrocketing popularity, shipping container homes are still unique.

We all wish to be a stand out from the others, a cut above the rest. These homes might have started to be a popular choice for all the climate change talks and efforts to be one with nature, but few still managed to shift to these eye-catching homes.

If you successfully build your own shipping container home, people will see your house quickly, no need for sketches and directions already. 

They are easy to modify.

If in case you have outgrown the design of your shipping container home, you would have no problems in modifying it and updating it to be more like the one you wanted. Easy to modify and construct, expanding to a two-storey home is also easier and quicker with shipping containers. Stack-able and sleek, its modern feel is just plain effortless.

We all get swamped with choices on model houses, designs, and themes when it comes to shopping for homes. Our usual guide questions revolve around location, price, and design.

Somehow, we overlook the critical fact of whether or not the build and material used on the house can endure storms, earthquakes, and floods.

It might be because we got used to sights of homes collapsing to these disasters, not knowing such scenarios are avoidable. Because of how shipping containers are built, we have a more significant chance that our homes stay intact no matter the weather.

These homes might be cheaper and easier on the pocket as compared to the traditional houses we know of, but that certainly does not mean they skimped on the quality. These homes are so good; you’d think you’re buying them on sale.

Building your own shipping container home allows you to save money and save time, and have a house that’s bound to your style, your needs, your preferences. It will also be a great experience if you ever plan to do it with your family. If so, your shipping container home will be every inch a family home.

You can also be sure to keep your family safe during disasters and calamities. No more panicking of where to go to when the storm strikes and collapses homes because you know yours will keep you safe and dry.

If you feel overwhelmed about building a home due to lack of experience, do not worry, “Build A Container Home” has experienced and professional builders to give you a hand. Collaborate with them to build your own shipping container home in a jiffy.

Our top pick for container home designs

If you're looking for the best container home designs, look no further!

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