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Surely, it’s everyone’s dream to own a house they can truly call their own. They work hard and save money to eventually have the means to provide a home for their family and stop renting an apartment, a condo, or a townhouse that can’t be theirs in the first place.

It has become too expensive to buy a house nowadays. The nearer the location to the city, the costlier it gets. The place where you work and go to school usually dictates our choices in finding the perfect location for our dream home.

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Once we have taken account of where we will build our home, we also need to take into consideration the budget we are willing to set aside to acquire our real estate property, the type of house we need based on the needs of the family. Will it be a bungalow, a two-storey home, a duplex, or a mansion?

If budget is a constraint, there are options available for you to choose from that can be made of sturdy materials and yet will not put a dent on your budget. Have you heard of container house?

You will be amazed with how this housing material has evolved, making it a livable, suitable and comfortable home for the family.

Shipping Containers

Container homes have risen up in popularity over the years. Shipping containers are used to transport almost anything via sea, land, and air. It is made from steel which makes it very hard and durable.

When you think about it, living in a steel building may be a bit unusual and might not look that appealing. We are so used to houses that are made from wood, bricks, and cement that the thought of living in a recycled shipping container can be absolutely ridiculous.

However, if you build a container home correctly, you will surely be surprised how efficient and aesthetically beautiful it can be. All you need is a lot of research, sources and dedication to build your own container home.

If you are still not convinced that container houses are the next big thing, here are some reasons why they can make great homes:

  • It is eco-friendly because you will get to save a lot of wasted steel that just gets dumped after use
  • It is way cheaper than building a traditional home made from bricks, wood, and cement
  • It is very durable since shipping containers were built to withstand any type of harsh weather like storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis
  • You can save a lot of time because shipping containers are already built and only requires a little modifications
  • Shipping container homes are modern-looking and very unique so it will easily stand out
  • It is very easy to transport so it will take minimal effort if you ever decide to move it from one place to another

How to make the best container home?

Just like in any type of project, building a container home requires a lot of effort, resources, and commitment. There are also certain things that you should know before you start building your own shipping container home.

First is that you should purchase the right shipping containers. Make sure that the quality is great and that it does not have any severe defect.

Do not be afraid to explore other companies that sell shipping containers. Next thing you should know is that if you plan to build a big structure with shipping containers, you would need to comply with like permits and council consent.

Another important thing to know is how to insulate a container home properly. Since shipping containers are made from steel, it can become extremely hot when under the sun and very condensed in cold weather.

It is important to know how to properly ventilate a container home and even install solar panels on the roof. Last is to get a contractor that is experienced with building container houses. It is best that you just get one for every part of the process rather than delegating a separate one for the interior and another for modifying the containers.

There are still so many things you should know in order to create the best shipping container home. Make sure you have a reliable guide you can base on all throughout the procedure like the one we will discuss below.

Build a Container Home

If you are new to the scene, you may get a little overwhelmed with all the different guides available on the internet. You may find a lot of videos on YouTube that provide a lot of information.

However, that will not suffice. What you need is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that will give you every detail you need from places where to get cheap shipping containers, installing electricity plans, and even how to obtain a permit.

So for a reliable guide, Build a Container Home is the best choice for you. It is an eBook created by a construction expert that has been focusing on container homes for more than a decade.

Since he has been in the industry for a long time now, he is very knowledgeable with the things you need to know in order to build a container home correctly. Not only does it give tips and tricks, this eBook also includes numerous designs and layout that you can use when you build your house.


Having a place we can proudly call our home is one of the best feelings in the world. However, purchasing a house can be very expensive. It would take thousands and thousands of dollars to finish it.

Not only does it cost a lot, t it also takes a lot of time to build. Thankfully, there is a cheaper and more convenient alternative and that is container homes. Building your own container home entails a lot of hard work.

It consists of careful planning on the design and layout of the house. You also need to look for a source where you can buy shipping containers at a very low price, and you would need to find an experienced contractor.

Take Build a Container Home with you on your journey and help you achieve your dream of having your very own shipping container house.

Our top pick for container home designs

If you're looking for the best container home designs, look no further!

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