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Shipping Container Home Cost – The Five Cheapest Shipping Container Homes Ever Built

With current souring house prices, home ownership, even for the middle classes, is now becoming increasingly difficult. In this economic climate, the shipping containers have come into their own, making it possible for a wider population to invest in the real estate market.  With the increase in costs connected to developing a new home too, […]

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Shipping Container Homes – Reasons for Living in a Shipping Container

Have you ever considered living in a shipping container? If not, then you could be missing out on a modern and fun trend.  Shipping containers do in fact make perfect places to live.  These houses are comfortable and house all the modern facilities of a traditional style home. With technological advancements and progress in the […]

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How to Build a Container Home – Steps that you need to Know!

With increasing emphasis placed on contemporary and eco-friendly homes, the container home is becoming very trendy.  They are also getting more and more popular among people who just cannot afford a traditional house since less investment is required.  There are also many other attractive factors in owning this new style of home. The best part […]

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Characteristics of Good Floor Plans for Container Homes

You might have already heard of shipping container homes, which are currently very trendy. These shipping container homes are small houses that can be used as permanent homes, vacation homes or even mobile homes. The benefits of these houses include their affordability, strength, durability and less construction time. Another important benefit that is worth mentioning […]

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