Are Shipping Container Homes Long Lasting: Vital Things to Consider Before Living in One

There is rising popularity these days of building homes from things like recycled shipping containers. It may seem to be weird at first, but it definitely has some benefits. Using containers as homes obviously saves you time and money.

However, there are indeed other issues that come up with houses like these, and one of the most basic ones is, are shipping container homes long lasting? Additionally, there are also a lot of myths about shipping container homes that need to be addressed.

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What is the Lifespan of Shipping Container Homes?

When people seriously start considering building shipping container homes, it is very common to compare it to a wooden house or a traditional brick house. Other than the durability, the common and most important factor for comparison is the cost.

  • The Estimated Years

As mentioned earlier, a shipping container home will no doubt be more affordable if you are looking to use it for no more than five years. However, if you are looking for something that is long lasting, then there are a few things you will need to take into account.

The main factor is whether you would buy a brand new shipping container or a used one for your home. Typically, people tend to opt for used containers, specifically those used only once to ship products. These tend to be quite cheap in comparison to brand new containers.

A good container will last for about 25 years without any kind of maintenance but this duration may differ depending on several kinds of factors such as the climate where the container was mostly stored. Nonetheless, 25 years appears to be a fair representation of how long it should typically last.

Assuming you don’t have the budget to buy a used once or a brand new shipping container and you settle for a heavily used container that has been in use for at least ten years, this kind of container will typically last you no more than 10 years without any maintenance. The duration of how long such containers last also depends on how rusted they are and how many dents are already there when you bought them.

  • Ways to Extend the Lifespan of a Shipping Container

Constant care and maintenance of a shipping container can extend its life. Also, to add decades to your shipping container home’s lifespan, use a form of external cladding. A good cladding is highly essential as it will prevent damages caused by termites and rust and can help the container last for about 50 years.

Another measure to increase the lifespan of the shipping container that is quite effective is to undertake restoration action the moment you see any corrosion or rust on it. If you leave corrosion and rust untreated for a longer period, the damage will worsen and would decrease the lifespan of the shipping container home.

What are the Different Myths and Facts about Shipping Container Homes?

There are a whole lot of myths that surround shipping container homes. Hence, there are also certain facts about them that people tend to be skeptical about. So, we will list some of the top myths and facts about them for potential home builders to have a better understanding.

  • Fact: Shipping Container Home is Huge Savings 

We are in a time where most of us are on a budget, and the increasing rates of real estate just do not help the situation. This is where building a shipping container home makes perfect sense. Using them tends to save costs that are typically associated with a structure, weatherproofing and so on.

In fact, it is estimated that shipping container homes can have a cost saving of up to 40% when compared to traditional residential homes. Other than money, you also end up saving time when building shipping container homes.

  • Myth: All Shipping Container Homes are Cheap 

As mentioned above, shipping container homes can indeed be cheap if you choose to have them that way. A long-lasting shipping container will definitely cost you more, and when compared to traditional residential homes, it can possibly be more expensive.

Nonetheless, that entirely depends on the area which you are looking at. Plus, if you are looking to build a fancy home in your shipping container with all the works such as a kitchen, office, bedroom, bathroom and so on, building all of it would cost you quite a bit.

  • Fact: Shipping Container Homes are Durable and Strong 

Shipping container homes are without a doubt durable and long lasting, that is even if you use a heavily used container. This is because these containers are made out of steel, which is far stronger than concrete, wood, and so on.

Further, these containers are resistant to several natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and even earthquakes. When rooted on foundations, the container can withstand winds up to 100 MPH.

  • Myth: All Shipping Container Homes are Tiny 

When people think of shipping container homes, they often associate it with being small in size. However, if you dream big, so will the size of your shipping container be. Several people tend to join multiple shipping containers together, side by side and even one above the other. This allows you to have multiple rooms, including bedrooms, dining room and so on.

  • Fact: Shipping Container Homes are Eco-Friendly

It is estimated that there are over 24 million shipping containers that are empty or are no longer used on this planet. Most of them are left untouched only after a decade or two of use. However, they are capable of lasting much longer than that.

By using them, you rescue these containers from just laying dormant in cities, ports, beaches and so on. Moreover, they are eco-green structures, are made from steel that is 85% recyclable, and when demolished, it is completely recyclable.

Are Shipping Container Homes Long Lasting: The Conclusion

So, are shipping container homes long lasting? Yes, they are indeed long lasting. Without maintenance, they will easily last for a set amount of years. But if you are looking for something permanent and long lasting, constant care and maintenance will keep it going well even for your future generations to come.

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