5 Functional Alternate Uses of Shipping Containers

Over the past several years, shipping containers have been revolutionized and it has changed the ways of our living from was used to be before. Shipping containers have always been an important trade means, carrying goods across the globe. The importance of shipping containers in the present-day world is even greater because of the fact that these containers can provide a number of benefits, if used in creative ways.

There are number of reasons for individuals and organizations to use these shipping containers, according to their needs. The uses of shipping containers can be wide ranging, depending upon the creativity and taste of the individual. These containers can be used for a variety of purposes and for different functions. So, let’s look at some very functional yet, attractive ways to use a shipping container.

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Surprising uses for shipping containers that you need to know

Shipping containers have been used as an effective means of transporting materials and goods for many years. But there are people who are unaware of how versatile a shipping container can be. These containers can be used in a number of unimaginable ways. Sounds interesting? Right? To show you the versatility of these containers, we have compiled up a list of surprising uses for a shipping container.

Shipping container home

This has gained popularity over the past few years, but still, most people are not that convinced of the effectiveness of a shipping container home. But for your information, shipping container homes do exist, and you can create one for yourself using a shipping container home plan.

Homes that are made from shipping containers are comfortable, energy efficient, inexpensive and also long lasting. These homes are quite a good idea for people without the budget to purchase a traditional house. Moreover, for people who do not like the idea of a permanent residence in a house made from traditional structural elements, shipping container homes can be a great way to give their creativity a shot.

Swimming pool

The second most interesting use of a shipping container is a swimming pool. Who does not want a swimming pool in the backyard for summer fun? Well, it may be the wish of every person, but due to the bank-breaking cost of a swimming pool, only few can afford it. But, thanks to shipping containers, every person can have one in his yard, without breaking the bank. The size of the shipping container is the complete fit for the swimming pool.

Camping hut

Camping is a fun thing to do on a night with your friends or family. You can create a luxurious camping hut made from a shipping container. A shipping container camping hut is another great way to use a shipping container creatively. This idea was first implemented by Joel from Hybrid Arc. He built a camping hut from a 20’ shipping container that can accommodate around 4 people.

Artist’s studio

It is rightly said that there is no replacement for a hobby. If you are an artist by hobby or profession and cannot afford a studio, then you can make use of a shipping container and turn it into your own themed studio. This is one of the best uses of a shipping container—creating a real time artist’s studio, as was done in the forests of north New York. So, if you need any ideas, then the Maziar Behrooz’s art studio can inspire you.


No one have believed that  a shipping container could be turned into a restaurant or some sort of café, but a shipping container that was once used to ship televisions from China across the world became just that. A container restaurant can be upcycle-themed the way you want it.

So, as you see, shipping containers can be used for a variety of purposes as long as they are in good condition. The modifications can take some time, but its results are excellent, and there’s no telling how far your imagination can take you when it comes to using a shipping container.

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